This day started out well. My cousin and her husband were supposed to come down. Dave is supposed to take a look at a few things we need done around the house that I don’t have time to do, nor am I that interested in doing.

I also need to ride down to Dry Ridge to meet Cooter for lunch and pickup this:

a Shoei Syncrotec helmet, a nice top of the line Shoei flip up. An early Christmas gift kinda. He bought it and didn’t like the way it fits with his glasses.

My intentions are simple. Ride down, have lunch get back before Dave and Sally leave. Claudine is prepared to discuss what she wants done.

Today is the first Saturday in a LONG time that we haven’t had anything serious going on and Cooter and I couldn’t connect last weekend so today is the day I have to meet him.

Now, I haven’t ridden Zed since I synced the carbs. Since it was running so badly after the last Iron Butt ride. I get my stuff together and head out to the barn. First things first, I have to put the turn signal back in. Duct-Tape, 200 MPH tape. If it’s good enough for NASCAR it’s good enough for me.

Now I need to move the 48″ walk behind, to get the bike out. Give it a couple good yanks, and snap, the pull cord breaks. 🙁

Now this is a heavy 48″ industrial, hydro walk behind. You don’t just push it out of the way. Ugh. So I wiggle it to the side and squeeze the bike out of the barn.

Start it up, er try to start it up, but it won’t start. This is not good. I call Cooter, and let him know, he says hit it with some starting fluid. It fires and starts to idle but if I give it the least bit of gas is stalls.

Ugh… I let it warm up. And get the rest of my gear. This is going to be rough, take it for a quick test spin. It has NO power off idle, none. Getting moving is a bear, but once I’m rolling and out of the idle circuit we’re good to go. Where I’m headed today is all interstate so, off we go.

I meet my dad in Sharonville, and we take off. Lunch was good, the ride home was good too except for a few stalling issues.

Time to rebuild the carbs. Not going to be fun. Maybe it’s time to trade Zed in. At least it’s winter right? But I have to get it running before the 2006 TWT Polar Bear run on Jan 1st.

Oh the jurry is still out on the helmet. I got a screaming deal on it. Wore it home even. But I don’t know. It doesn’t fit exactly as I’d like. No worries. I’ll sell it on eBay if I don’t keep it.

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