Women and their birthdays!

Well. Most husbands have a tremendous project in store when it comes to planning their wife’s birthday. Whether it’s planning a party or a romantic evening out. But they know that they’d better plan SOMETHING, or as my husband said in a previous entry – “the world stops!”
I see myself as pretty LOW maintenance…for my birthday the last few years we go do our Xmas shopping together and get most all of it done in one day. We return home to drop off the goods and then go back out to grab a bite to eat, just the two of us. No reservations required, no dressing up, no advance thought necessary. Pretty simple I think.

Not only is it simple – but I even arrange the babysitting – so all he has to do is show up and shop!

This year as I have the past few, I arranged the babysitting for the day after Thanksgiving.

I told him about this this evening and he looked straight at me and said, “I HATE THAT DAY!” Myself, being stunned, asked why.

He answered, “Cause you don’t let ME buy ANYTHING!”

I couldn’t imagine what he meant – I said, “The people at Toys’R Us ask to go to our house for Xmas, we walk out of there with so much stuff! What are you talking about?”

Then the truth came to light…..he answered, “NO, you don’t let me buy anything for ME that day!”


I think I might try the high maintenance approach and see what happens.

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