Wow what a weekend.

Yet another long weekend of playing Mr. Mom.

C had to leave town with her mom to visit her grandfather in Texas. Being the super dad that I am I said sure, go for it, I can handle it. Look two weeks ago, no one got injured.

Overall this weekend, not much unlike the last one went pretty smooth. We chilled out at home. Friday night I went to the Funnybone comedy club with a couple friends while my father-in-law watched the kids. This was preplanned and since I put it together it didn’t make sense for me not to go. Had a blast. Tommy Davidson was the headliner and was a huge disappointment for the first half of his bit, but then he got on a roll.

Saturday, we just hung out, watched a couple movies. I put my bike back together after finally syncing the carbs while Michael cut the grass and mulched the leaves. I still need to deal with my broken turn signal mount. 🙁 Saturday night we went out and played with Cisco for a couple hours. I Parelli’d him and rode him for while. It was the first time in about 6 months Cisco had a full day of being a horse. He was put out for 4 hours, got played with and ridden all in the same day. He was mighty happy.

After finishing up with Cisco we picked up a dozen taco’s from Taco Bell and headed home for dinner. The kids were mostly good all day. Michael and Maggie were at each other like they usually are and it was getting on my nerves.

Sunday, Bengals day…

Maggie made scrambled eggs for breakfast which I had to force a couple kids to eat. Not because they were bad but because eggs go a long way when you have chickens. We killed the morning by playing PS2. Michael and Maggie on opposite floors. Molly and Maria taking turns too.

When the game came on, the kids played together quietly. The girls played cards and we ate a boat load of bagel bites. The Bengals won and it was all good. After the game we cleaned up a bit and took Maggie to Basketball practice.

While she was there we went back to the barn to do Cisco’s stall. Had another good time with Cisco, he did well and was happy to have some attention.

We picked up Maggie at 7:30 but her practice went until 8pm and we tried to watch it. About 20 minutes was about all Maria could handle and I had to take her out to the car. She wasn’t happy about that either.

We came home and and made grilled cheese melts for dinner.

While we were at the barn, apparently Linda wrecked her car coming back from Sidney, OH. She’s OK but her car isn’t. There’s a lot more to the story but it doesn’t really belong here. It’s typical teenager stuff although she’s not supposed to be a teenager anymore right?

Today, Monday was a much better day. Everyone did what they were supposed to. Took care of their school work. We spent most of the day waiting for the delivery guy to deliver the new dishwasher in the 11am to 3pm window. At 3:01 they showed up. Just in time to drop it off and for us to get to the barn and get Molly to gymnastics. The rest is history.

We tried to stay and watch Molly but it seemed like it was conditioning Monday. I can watch her dance at home and do push ups. I can also sit on concrete any time I want for extended periods of time. So after an hour of that we headed out looking for a game store to swap out some PS2 games. Up and down route 4 with no luck. We ended up at Forest Fair and we tried the two games stores there with no luck. We let Maria play in the little playground for a while and got an Aunte Anne’s pretzle.

All and all the weekend was survivable but long and I still have a dishwasher to install and one to return 🙂

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