Day 4

Day 4:

This day will be pretty interesting and should be easy I think, at least the first half.

We all again slept in until about 8:30am, when I was woken by Molly asking if they should get up and get ready. I said sure. She also asked if she should make breakfast? I said sure if you want to. She asked how I made my eggs so I told her.

About 9am she came back in and said “Tell Maria to leave her shoes alone, and you’re eggs are ready”.

My mom is picking up the kids, and Michaels, non-girlfriend, girlfriend, and taking them to a play that Claudine’s parents are playing in. (not acting in, but playing in the orchestra). So I’ll be home alone until about 4pm. I should get to watch the Bengals by myself, which will be a change of pace.

We finish our breakfast and try like hell to get Maria to brush her hair, something she’s not at all fond of doing.

Then my mom calls and you can tell my dad is a little frantic about my mom, nor Michael not knowing exactly where this church is that where she is supposed to pick Jenny up. I thought all these details were handled?

No biggie we’ll deal with it.

Maria is currently brushed, and Molly is trying to find some hair pretties. We’re waiting for grandma.

to be continued…

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