Day 4 Part II

I realized as I dug around on the Internet and found the church that it would be easier to give my mom the GPS than give her directions.

We decided that it was time that Michael start paying attention to life. When he’s out and about he should be paying attention to where he’s going and what’s going on around him. He’s 14 and a half and the last thing I need is a geographically impaired 16 year old when he starts driving.

Mom picked up the kids and I went to take care of the horse.

The rest of the day was again lackadaisical. I worked on some code and watched the Bengals. The first half left me hanging thinking I was watching the same old Bengals, but the second half was exciting.

Around 6pm I did the horse again and then mom dropped the kids off. Molly and Maria played cards and Michael played some more PS2.

We ordered Domino’s. They have this new Steak Fanatic Pizza. So we ordered the special, one of those and a pepperoni. It’s no good. Bad pizza.

Like Cheese Steak pizza only without the cheese steak taste (no peppers or onions). No good. Kinda blah.

9 O’clock rolled around and the girls went down with little fuss.

Michael went to bed at 10 for a change, or at least that was the plan. I asked him to be in bed lights out at 10. To accomplish that I reminded him he should start getting ready at 10-till. At 10 after his light was still on and noise was still coming from his room. (he dilly dallies like Maria). So I put the hammer down.

I’m watching and recording a ‘New Texas Ranger movie’ It’s just as cheesy, but they’ve updated it with better car crashes, some CSI technology, and bullet time effects, and instead of Walker always beating up on rednecks he’s beating up on real orientals this time. Makes for a better kung-fu movie.

Man, Chuck Norris is a bad actor.

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