Day 5

Monday, Monday, da-da, da.da.da…

After reporting last night I was watching the Walker Texas Ranger mini-movie. I couldn’t record it per see because football got things off schedule. Meaning to record a show you go to the guide, pick a time slot and say ‘record’ and it records that show for the time period.

Well the move was supposed to start at 9pm but it didn’t start until 10pm, because football ran late I guess. So 60 minutes was late, then CSI or some other show was late, THEN the movie. So when I wanted to start recording it, well it wouldn’t let me.

But I knew that as long as I was watching it was recording.

Now at the end of the movie I wanted to save that, but there’s no way to do that. I flipped channels accidentally and *poof* it was gone.

Oh well it will be on again.

Monday morning came, the alarm sounded and I hopped out of bed. Walked downstairs to make the coffee. Something was different.

Hey, I can see my breath.

It’s cold in here. I think we should turn the heat on. So I walked over to the thermostat, 59 degrees in the house nice. But uhm the heat is on. Well the thermostat is on but the heat obviously isn’t.


Our furnace is 3 years old? but it is such a lemon.

So I turned it off and back on, and it actually started, at least I thought it did. It’s an oil furnace, so it burns until it heats up, then the blower kicks on. But when that time came, it died…

Crap… Another thing to deal with.

Grandmother is supposed to be here it’s 8:30… 8:35 my cell phone rings, I know what that means 🙂 I inherited my over-sleeping from my mother-in-law.

No biggie though, I can leave and she’ll be here shortly. I fart around with the furnace for another 20 minutes and then give up finally deciding this is best left for the expert that installed it.

I chatted with Molly and explained to her what I expected to be done today. I had done the dishes the night before. I wrote on the white board who would do what. She would pickup the living-room and her room. Michael should do the Kitchen and Vacuum.

Off to take care of Cisco, then to work.

Work was work, Monday is manager meeting day.

After work I arranged to pickup the kids and meet grandmother at gymnastics to pickup Molly.

We then debate what’s for dinner, and decide it’s time for Burger King.

They have this Angus beef burger, mushroom n swiss that’s about as good as any restaurant burger I’ve had. Mighty tasty. And for like $5.49 for a meal it’s a deal, you can’t beat it.

No we’re not talking eat on the cheap, $.99 double cheese burgers here, this is a good burger.

Kid of course wanted toys, and Michael polished off a Whopper.

After that it was home to get ready for bed. (yeah I know stuff them full of fast food late and send them to bed, it’s real healthy, but that’s our lifestyle sometimes with all the things we have going on).

All in all a pretty decent weekend.

Everything got done except for the vacuuming.

So tally for the long weekend:

Injuries: 0
Beatings: 0
Deaths: 0
Bruised ego: 1 (maybe over the headphone/cd player thing)

All good.

Even Maria told me tonight when I tucked her in, it’s not so bad, not bad at all, having me being in charge.

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