Jacksonville, that’s “Who Dey”

Jacksonville, that’s “Who Dey” and don’t say I didn’t tell ya so.

OK, so they had a ‘chance’ at the end.

Fact is they played like crap. As Marvin said, “They didn’t play well enough to win.” 23-20 is not indicative of the way they played. They were owned.

They can’t stop the run, no way no how. They didn’t tackle. They didn’t really give up the ball until that last drive when Palmer fumbled, but they gave up field position all night long on stupid/bad penalties.

Recover a fumble on the 20 and have to kick a 50 yard field goal. Sheesh.

I will give them this: “There was no quit”. That is a HUGE improvement.

But they are not Super bowl bound. There are too many good teams on the schedule, and I don’t think they have the talent (yet) to play with those teams.

Prior to Sunday night the combined records of teams they had beaten was 3-10 to get them to 4-0. That was a large part of what got them there.

Had they played Pittsburg or other teams in the first 4 games and things would be quite different.

I don’t blame the fans or the media. Cincinnati is so starved for a winner that we’ll take anything positive and run with it. But let’s be realistic folks.

This guys are good, but they are not _that_ good yet.

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