The Soccer Report

Whew, winter is moving in…

It was freezing this morning.

The 10am game featured the Cheeto’s vs. the blue team in another game of attention span soccer.

Maria played her best game yet. She made some great plays. While on defense she stole the ball and carried it out to the center line. She was all alone, on a break away! The coach was screaming, Go Maria, Go! But she got to half way dumped the ball and ran back. After all she was on defense and that wasn’t her job.

Full size pictures are in the Gallery under Maria:Soccer

Even though it’s candy league and they don’t keep score, they won again 3-1 I think.

The 11:30am game featured the Green Machine vs the Yellow Bellies or something.

The Green Machine got off to their best start ever. Scoring first for the first time in any of their games! There was hope! They played better.

As with Maria, this was Maggies best effort as well. The Yellow team turned it up a notch, and broke down the Green Machines defense and again left the goalie in a number of 2 on 1 and 3 on 1 situations in which she had no chance.

Down 3-1 with only minutes to play they decided it was time to make a comeback. But it was too little too late. Final score today 3-2 in favor of the bad guys 🙁

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