Horse Shopping

We’re currently looking for, or are in the market for another horse. Saturday we took a quick trip to look at a Foxtrotter/Quarterhorse mix.

The current owners, have a pretty nifty farm in northern KY, and they invited us down for a trail ride to check out the horse.

They were kind enough to saddle up “Blackie” and another one of their horses and took Claudine and I (along with a neighbor) on a really nice 1 hour trail ride.

Blackie was pretty close to what we’re looking for. He’s got the right stuff. FoxTrotter smoothness. He’s a little rough around the edges and needs some ground manners. But he’s also a little expensive for a “mutt”.

Cisco needs a partner but we’re looking for a horse that we can ride too, not just a pasture pal.

So if you’re local, and have a nice horse, with no vices, that gates, and isn’t too old and needs a home. Let us know. 🙂

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