Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

For those that are not aware, my daughter Maggie has been sky diving since the fall of 2015. Due to a few events in her life, she decided she wanted experience as many things as should could. She would not be held back and she would not wait around on anyone else. She took a tandem sky dive as part of her #pearladventures tour and fell in love with it and has been sky diving ever since.

So fast forward to June 12th, 2016. That’s the day that her sister Molly had scheduled her first tandem sky dive and I was there just to observe.

If you’re not aware, a tandem skydive simply means you don’t need any skills or training. You get harnessed up and strapped to an instructor. Ideally, someone who’s done this before 🙂 So you get the full effect without having to do any work.

Molly Disher 062

Here’s Molly’s tandem video.

After Molly completed her skydive, I mentioned that a tandem sky dive would make the perfect fathers day gift. Claudine decided right then and there that was a good idea so lets do it NOW.

So we did. We also called Michael.

So I was able to take my first tandem sky dive with my eldest son. How cool is that?

Matt Disher 013 (1280x853)

Matt Disher 036 (1280x853)

Matt Disher 069 (1280x853)

If the photos aren’t enough there is full video evidence below:


(Maggie was on the same plane as all of us, she’s the skydiver in the pink helmet.)

I cannot recommend this enough, it was amazing.

I highly recommend the folks at startskydiving.com The location in Middletown, Ohio is one of the top rated, if not the top rated drop-zone’s in the nation.