New wheels for mamma.

So we’ve been looking for a good used car for Molly for a while, and yes we’re still looking but this popped up yesterday.  Claudine had driven one when were looking for cars for me an liked it.  So we ran to go see it and bought it.

It’s a one owner, 2005 Ford Freestyle, with 71k miles.   Very well taken care of by the original owner and we have every receipt for everything.  Deals like these don’t come along often but they are out there if you look for them.


Keeping with the Dave Ramsey, no Debt, pay cash for everything strategy, we used our ‘Car Fund’ and bought this.   Again, a fully loaded vehicle, the only option it’s missing is a DVD player and with iPhones and iPads that’s not a necessity.  In fact nobody really wants to look at a DVD player from 2005 anyway.

So this replaces the 2003 Pontiac Minivan that we bought in 2010.   We actually bought two GM cars that day.  My first and my last.  We still have it, it runs and the AC works.  As soon as we find something for Molly we’ll sell it and likely recoup some of our cash.  It will make a great mini-van, people hauler for someone.

So we’re looking forward to getting a number of good years out of this.  Claudine is so happy to not be driving a minivan, specifically that minivan.  I think she’d be happy in a Honda or Toyota or something not GM.

So we have this Ford, which is actually Volvo drivetrain as I understand it.   It runs great, drives great and so far we’re really happy.

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