OK, so Claudine has been Jonesing for another Golden Retriever since we had to put Comet down.  He was a great dog.

Then all I heard about was, never again, never will we get a dog that:

a) Sheds and clogs up the vacuum cleaner
b) Is big enough to clear the coffee table with one swift wag of the tail
c) Makes us buy food by the 50lb bag

But enough time has passed that she forgot all that stuff.

On our way home from my rained out NASCAR Experience, she happened to glance on craigslist and there she was.   11 week old female golden.

We picked her up that evening.   She’s HUGE, and she’s gonna be HUGE, Comet-like we hope.

We’ve had her a week now and for the most part she hasn’t eaten anything she’s not supposed to and the accidents have been minimal.

Meet, Emma:





She’s a doll.

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