Saturday Steel First Annual Juniors Match

Today was the first annual Junior match at Saturday Steel.

Of course our kids rocked the house.  Both Molly and Maria shot very, very well.

It was a good turn out, about 22 kids.


Dave Reichle explained the rules and how the match would go.


Then it was game on!.


A bunch of more photos at the link below:

Saturday Steel Jr. Match 07/14/2012

Vids below:


Molly smokin Rimfire


Molly smokin Stock Auto


Maria had a great Day! Here’s stage 1 Rimfire
Maria Stage 2 String 1
Maria Stage 2 String 2
Molly Stage 2

Molly swept her age group, and Maria came in 2nd in Rimfire for her age group.

Afterward the whole family shot the regular Saturday Steel Match.

IT was way to close to be comfortable in Rimfire…


Michael *almost* had Molly, *almost* Winking smile

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