1999 Chrysler Cirrus Blower Motor Resistor

So do you have a 1998-2000 Chrysler Cirrus or Dodge Stratus or Plymouth Breeze?

Does your AC/Heater Blower not work at all or maybe only on the highest setting?

If so you need one of these:


They cost about $21 from a local autoparts store, or $35 from the dealer, or $16 plus shipping from RockAuto.com

My blower quit about a week ago and the internet search began.  Lots of people pointed out what I needed but they said it was behind the glove box. 

It was not.

The real location is under the glove box.  On the passenger side, there is a black plastic cover that spans the entire floorboard area and covers the bottom of the glove box and blower housing.   You need to remove it.  To do so, there are two plastic clips.  The rivet kind, pull the inside while holding the outside and the pop right out.

Once you get the black cover out, it’s right there with two connectors.  Unplug those, two 8mm or 5/16th screws and out it comes.

I now have a four speed blower which helps when you need heat.

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  1. yeah i got one of these for my car and i cant find out where to put it i have a 1999 chysler cirrus and i have took the whole dash out but i cannot find out where it goes… any advise

  2. Thanks to this site and
    I was able to quickly fix this problem. Advance Auto had the part for $19 plus tax.
    This is an easy fix. I would like to point out that on the lowest air setting you may get a slight smell of somthing heating up but it should quickly dissapate. This is probably due to the larger resistor (which is a coil of wire) heating up a bit. Nothing to worry about as.

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