Harvest Festival

Sunday we attended a harvest festival at the Niederman Family Farm.

It was a group outing with Cincinnati Gymnastics and good times were had.  We had hot dogs and s’mores, along with a Pumpkin decorating contest.

Matthew had a blast walking around and climbing in the wooden ship (albeit with some help).

We didn’t stay for the hay ride (the line was a little long). Just a warning if you do the hay ride, it seems they stop the hay ride at a pumpkin patch and get you to bring a pumpkin back for them.  They then funnel you off the hay ride through a check out where you can buy said pumpkin for $.35 a lb.

That’s a great scam.

Anyway, some photos in the gallery: http://picasaweb.google.com/mdisher/2008HarvestFestivalWCGA#.


From 2008 Harvest Festival wCGA


From 2008 Harvest Festival wCGA

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