South Beach Meat Loaf…

Today’s lunch is South Beach Meat Loaf.

This is your standard 2-item heat and eat meal.   Preparation is simple, pull that sucker out of the box and zap it.   No cutting, poking, slicing or venting required.

The depth of the tray would lead you to believe you’re getting more to eat than you are.   You’d also think given the depth, they’d be able to keep the veggies where they belong. 

Taste is OK, but not great, portion size is deceiving.  I’m not sure what this costs but I’d pick the Healthy Choice or Lean Cuisine over these meals.


South Beach Living Meat Loaf and Green Beans

(1-10) with 10 being the best.
Portion Size7Overall a decent portion size.  But could be a little better.
Portability9Fits fairly well in a small soft sided thermal lunch box.  You still have room for snacks and what-not.  Nice and compact.
Cookability9The time indicated on the box is spot on.  5 Minutes to Lunch.
Preparation9Drop dead simple, just cook it.
Food Quality
6I realize taste is subjective, but the meat was rather bland.
Over ALL Score40out of a possible 50 isn’t just barely tolerable.

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