Construction Update

First the air conditioning in the attic.   the PTAC unit is installed, and wired.  It’s working really well.  Because of the long dimensions of the attic and the fact that it’s probably not as insulated as it should be, we could probably use two of them.

That being said it’s a world of improvement, it’s actually very livable up there.  It is warmer on the opposite end but it’s manageable with fans and what not.

The unit is very quiet.  I’d highly recommend this over a window unit.  For what it gives you AC and Heat, it’s pretty economical too  ($700ish).

Just know this:  You’ll need the wall sleeve ($40) and the outside grill ($25) neither of those come with the unit.


The kitchen is done, I need to take photos of that.  We’re still dealing with the stairs.  We ripped the carpet off, and painted them.  I then screwed up the installation of a stair runner.   We thought we could do it w/o tack strips and padding.  That’s not a good thing.

We’re considering painting a runnier or design on each stair step but I’m somewhat afraid of that.  The stairs are now pretty noisy without carpet.  And painting each one seems like the never ending project.

More as it unfolds.

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