Call Of Duty 4 Prestige Rank Update



Level 40-something.   I flipped over this weekend during the Double Experience Point Extravaganza that was part of the new map releases.

While double experience points helps you level up faster, it kinda screws with you.  I’m somewhere in the 40’s but my weapons have only been upgraded to about where they’d be if I was in the 20’s.   So this kind of puts you a little behind the 8-ball if you will.

You just don’t have the tools you’re used to having at this level (perks aside).

I was half thinking about stopping at this level but will need to do at least one more to round out my weapon differential.

The new maps are great, they claimed (4) new maps but only 3 are really playable.  Kill-House is pretty useless.

COD 4 remains one of the better games I’ve played, but it’s wearing thin.  There are things they really need to fix.  (these probably won’t make sense if you don’t play the game).

* Party or Lobby Migration is good, but host migration during a game needs to take place, even if it only moves to the user with the best overall connection.  That won’t help when that person leaves, but it would help game performance.

* It needs a messaging system that pops up to let you know you’ve received an invite.   Similar to the way the PS 3 notifies you that friends are logged on/off.  In game is when you need this.   When I push the start button it’s to switch weapons, not to see (and dismiss) a bunch of useless invites received 5 minutes prior.

* When someone performs an invite, they should be forced to wait for those to expire before moving on.  It would help with those impatient folks who invite people then go join another room, only to screw up the folks that they invited.

* Tone down the noob tube.

* Tone down Jaugernaut.

* Fix the sniping with the ACOG, for real this time.

* Show the blast radius of what killed you in the kill cam.  I die from stuff (claymores usually) that I’m no where near.

* mute in the Lobby, please…

* Oh and fix the hard core team killing…  Allow users to vote a player out.

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