Hardwood floors here we come.

Well it’s only taken us about 5 months to get our act together.  We finally figured out what we’re installing and where.   We initially wanted to do the entire first floor but budget constrains are keeping us to only the Kitchen/Sitting room and the hallway for starters.   We’ll do the office and Living room at a later date.

The big monkey wrench in all of this is some added cabinet work and new counter tops which bit into the flooring budget.   So when all is said and done, the kitchen should be good to go.   We’re going to put a cabinet where the fridge is now since it’s a goofball sized space and we can’t find another fridge that we like that will fit there.  This will move the fridge to an open wall.   New countertops too.

The flooring we ended up choosing is this:

Somerset Flooring, Hand Scalped, Country Collection Natural White Oak.

We’ll also install a mix of 3″ and 5″ like their photo shows:


This should go with our old house rather nicely.

Things we’ve learned thus far:

1) Lumber Liquidators isn’t all that.  Their prices are OK on some items, not so OK on others.  If you have to toss a significant portion of anything because it’s a mix of A, B, and C grades, then you haven’t really saved much.

2) The internet pricing is similar, by the time you read the fine print, and realize you’re getting seconds, adding in shipping, or making their minimum order, well, that’s not necessarily a good deal either.

We worked with our local supplier (Halsey-Myers) the fine folks that supplied the materials for our barn.  While they didn’t match internet pricing, they came close enough and we’re dealing with someone local for issues.

More details as this project unfolds.

In the interest of getting it done, Charlie’s doing the dirty work.  He’s a master at working with old houses and things that aren’t square. A1 Garage Door Repair Seattle put square garage doors on our barn, and that was almost a miracle.

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