Baby Update

We’re currently hanging out in a birthing suite at Bethesda North. We got here around 10:30am to start the induction process. It’s 3:30pm and things are progressing.

The Pitocin is flowing and the contractions are starting to come.

So far our Dr. and the nurse that’s assigned to us has been awesome.  Almost the exact opposite of what we expected.

With luck we’ll be out of here by 6-7pm 🙂 I’ll post an update later.

Update 9:15pm:

Well, things were progressing very well. Labor was strong, they cut the Pitocin around 6:30ish as things were well under way. Claudine’s water broke around 7pm and everything intensified, but the baby isn’t moving down and out.

After laboring for another two hours or so in the tub, the Dr. decided that she wasn’t making the progress he’d like to see. A number of things factor into this and every delivery is different.

Claudine was getting worn out and asked for an epidural around 8:45, after pushing in some fluids the performed the procedure. Needless to say she’s feeling pretty good right now. Given that this was the very last thing in the world that she wanted, you can imagine that it wasn’t anything like she’d experienced before.
We’re waiting for things to progress naturally and see how things turn out. We’re still hoping she can deliver w/o any other intervention. The baby’s fine, heart rate and blood pressure are good at this point.

More later…

Update 10:30pm

Claudine is felling no pain and things are progressing right along. She’s fully dilated and the baby is moving on down. More importantly, while she was resting, I was able to get out and run to Chipotle and get a burrito for Brenda, Priscilla, and myself. I left at 9:45 and made it to the Sharonville Chipotle at 9:59pm. Getting back in the hostpital was a bit of a chore though… The close the main door and ask you to enter via the Emergency entrance. That’s fine, but it’s cold, wet and raining and there isn’t a sidewalk to connect the two.

Even so, I was back in the room by 10:20pm 🙂

More later….

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