Yep, we’re havin a baby…

Claudine gave me grief the other day because apparently I hadn’t yet mentioned that we’re having a baby on the blog…

Yeah you read the right; the Disher clan is expanding again.
Taking inventory,

  • We’ve been married for 18 years.
  • We have 4 Children currently:
  • Michael who’s 16
  • Maggie, 13 12
  • Molly, 10
  • Maria, 7

And we’re about to add one more. Sex still unknown and won’t be known until he or she is born.

We’re still arguing over ‘M’ names. We didn’t mean to start this ‘M’ phenomenon, it just happened.

Michael is named after my father in law, Maggie after Claudine’s great grandmother. Molly, was just a name we liked, and by then it was too late. Maria was an easy name to follow suit. We liked the name Maria and she also carries my aunt’s middle name. Jo Ann was a very special person.

Now we’re kind of hosed.

Claudine and I both have acceptable ‘M’ names picked out. Problem is we don’t agree on any of them so we’ll have to see what happens. There’s still time to negotiate.

We’ve been very blessed, no doubt about that. We seem to be the most fertile couple on the planet. Yes, we know what makes it happen.

We always knew we’d have kids. We thought we were perfectly happy with 1, then came Maggie. Shortly thereafter Claudine informed me that we were supposed to have 4. Of course I thought she was certifiable at the time, and as fate would have it, we did end up with 4, heck even after 3 I didn’t think we’d actually have 4, but none the less, that’s the case.

This one is certainly more of a ‘surprise’… We’re not exactly young pups anymore. We are still younger than some of our friends who just recently adopted their first so we’re not alone. It’s comforting to know that we’ll never be as old as them. We certainly see plenty of older couples with younger kids. In fact there are quite a few older parents whose kids are in gymnastics with Molly. So it’s not quite as unusual as I had originally thought.
Of course as luck or Murphy would have it, we got rid of ALL of our little kids stuff about 3 months prior to the incident.

But that’s OK, baby gadgets have evolved quite a bit in the last 7 years so we get to get all new stuff for the most part.

We’re certainly veterans at this. The biggest issue so far has been getting the attic finished so we’ll have room, but other than that the pregnancy has been pretty easy.

More info as it becomes available.

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  1. i’ll try not to be jealous! claudine looked absolutely fabulous (as always) when here over labor day. now, i’ll anticipate hearing about the next “labor day” event she attends….. love to all!

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