Week 3 (1-2) Which to me means 8-8 is starting to look highly optimistic.


The Bengals were in this game the whole game, which was absolutely amazing.

I read in one of the columns were Seattle said they’d focus on Chad and T.J. because Rudi wasn’t worth paying any attention too.

Rudi Johnson: 17 carries for 9 yards… I guess they weren’t too far off the mark. Kenny Watson and J. Johnson combined for 10 carries and 72 yards on the ground. Kenny: 9 for 60, when it mattered this time because we were behind.

Carson and our special ED special teams lost this game.
Carson 27 of 43, 342 Yards 1 TD, 2 INT’s for a QB rating of: 70.10
Vs. Hassleback’s 24 of 37, 248 Yards and 3 TDs, 2 INT’s for a QB rating of 88.56

In the end Shawn Alexander got his 100 yards.

Both Chad and TJ had good games. Chad dropped one, maybe two balls, the rest just simply weren’t catchable. Carson threw some really bad passes while under pressure.

Everyone fully expects them to get beat and bad Monday night by the Patriots. Perhaps this Pat’s will play the same kind of game the Bengals did in Cleveland. Somehow I doubt that. Bill Belichick’s teams don’t fold like that.

It’s certainly time for a coaching change, maybe not Marvin, but the guys that are more hands on. Starting with special teams coach Darrin Simmons, then follow up with Chuck Bresnahan. Both of these units have been well below average for 3 seasons now.

We also need some depth at all positions. Our backups/2nd string players are very weak compared to the rest of the league. We had a LB dept issue last year because of injuries. We’re only 3 weeks in and we’re in the same boat.

This is very, very frustrating. Looking ahead I’m thinking 3-4 after week 7 is probably the reality.

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