The Cincinnati Enquirer just sucks.

Check this headline: Carroll out of jail for new trial.

Anyone familiar with the Liz Carroll case is going to think “What the…” I can’t believe she’s getting a new trial!

So you click on the link and learn she’s been moved from her regular jail to the Justice Center in Hamilton County.

Pardon me, but getting moved from one ‘Jail’ to another ‘Jail’ doesn’t constitute ‘being out of jail, which is how that reads’.

I’m really glad I don’t pay for the enquirer, they are getting worse every day. On the other hand I do read it for free and I guess I got what I paid for.


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  1. Matt,
    I was just dabbling through the web when I came upon your site. Probably an older posting (January 07) but just wondered if you still had the snowblower for sale. I live out in Breckenridge CO and also ride a bike – Honda ST1300. Beautiful riding out here in the mountains, now if we can just get rid of the last 10″ or so of snow that would be an improvement!!.
    Rgds Alan Ferguson

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