Supplemental Insurance, Aflac, The Duck, what ever.

OK, so when you have a family of 4+ kids, someone is always getting hurt right?

They are involved in sports, gymnastics, soccer, and what not. They ride bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, dirt bikes, horses, play paint ball, you name it.

Well that used to be the case with us. Seemed like we couldn’t turn around and we were putting a band aid, or a brace or a cast on someone (usually Michael). That boy has broken more bones than the rest of us put together.

Fortunately we have very good heath insurance. A couple years ago however I signed us up for the supplemental insurance at work. That ‘pays you cash’ when something bad happens insurance. I figured they way our kids are, it would fund our vacation.

You get $150 for a hospital visit, $100 for each broken bone. Some broken bones actually pay better than others. A concussion pays another bonus $100. If you arrive via helicopter, that too pays another $250. If they give you crutches they get paid for plus some spending cash. This was a no brainer for us based on past experience.

The cost was minimal, $25 a month or something like that for the whole family.

I had it all figured out too, if one of the kids went down, we’d just consult the chart and maximize the opportunity. I mean if they are laying there riving in pain from a broken bone, a concussion isn’t going to bother them is it? (Cha-Ching)

But wouldn’t you know it? Since we got that dang insurance, nobody got hurt. That’s just the way it works out.

But finally, Claudine went and twisted up her foot or ankle or something and went to the hospital. They couldn’t figure out what it was but they sent her home on crutches. We recouped some of our investment. She ended up getting it all worked out through massage therapy.

It’s all good. The insurance is well worth it. It think it’s kind of like paying the mafia for protection. If you have it your chances of getting hurt go way, way down. At least that’s been our experience.

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