Construction update

The Barn, which should be complete by now, isn’t.

It’s been a comedy of errors with material delivery.  Only we’re not laughing.  We’re still missing the corner trim, and enough siding to complete about half of the east side wall.  The 8 foot door on the east side wall isn’t right, either.  

Some how, some way, they thought we were putting in an 10 foot door or something, but that still doesn’t make up for the lack of siding material.

I hope there is enough adjustment in the door hangers to make it right or they’ll be building a new door.

Other than that things look good.  We’re only two weeks behind at the moment.

On the attic front, Home Depot delivered our wood yesterday, which coincidentally was the day I was going to take the receipt to them and well, get a little ‘Jiggly’ with them.

So all in all we’re still moving forward.  This weekend we should make some progress, they are supposed to fill the barn today and start the ground work, though the weather doesn’t look conducive if you ask me.

We still need to finish the fencing, there’s bracing to be put up, fencing to be stretched and nailed and gates to be hung.


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