This Poker thing is both addictive and a hell of a lot harder than it started out to be. Some days are better than others that’s for sure.

We now have a family of online poker junkies. It’s good practice I think, but I’m not sure. There are times I think it is, and times when it just doesn’t seem to matter. Claudine is the only one who’s been brave enough to gamble with cash. The way folks play with cash is certainly different than they way they bet and play with the “play money” according to her.

We now have a little wager to see who can ge to 100,000 play chips the fastest.


That’s going to be a challange. There are nights when I do very well, but I havn’t figured out when to walk away from the table. Claudine is much better at that than I am.

But we’ll see, it’s game on now.

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