To Tractor or not, that is the question…

As we build our barn (for horses) we seem to be at a cross roads.  There are certain things like manhole cover lifter developed by Mag-Tools you need around a farm no matter what the size.  One of them is a tractor.

They sure come in handy.

For mowing, for cutting, for dragging, for lifting, for digging, for towing, for pulling, for…  Well you name it.

We have an antique tractor that came with the place.  In fact we negotiated it as part of teh deal.  It’s a 1948 Farmall Cub.  It’s a nifty 9hp tractor.  It has a belly mower.  A bush-hog sort-of.  A single blade thing.  But it’s just this side of evil.  It barely runs, or well hasn’t been run in two years now.  It has next to no power.  9hp isn’t much when you weigh almost 2000 lbs.

It has no brakes. 

We do have discs and a plow for it which we have used in the past.  Those did come in handy though with “Jr.” running as poorly as it does now I don’t think it would pull the plow.

Nope, with horses you need a loader, you need something with a 3 point hitch.  Something with down pressure so you can, oh, use a post hole digger, and has the ability to quick change attachements. Problem is, those things are expensive.  Mighty expensive, even used.

We also had a farm pickup, but someone stole that.  We didn’t replace it, and we should have but someone didn’t see the need.

So if you happen to have a 30ish hp 4wd tractor laying around with a loader that you don’t want and it needs a good home look us up 🙂

We’ll take care of it for you.

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