Weekend Update

Ahh, the weekend.
Well Pooh, I guess the other guy who was borrowing the BobCat needed it longer, or maybe he broke it because it never returned 🙁   so we didn’t get any more work on the fence done.

Next week and weekend should be big.  We’ll finish out our plans for the loft and the stalls.

Today Molly competed in the Level 4 & 5 State finals.  She did rather well all things considered.  They had more flights of 9 year olds than you could imagine.  She scored her all-time high All around score, a 36.795 ?  Which aint too shabby.

She hit the podium twice, and was in a group of 9’s that were pretty dang good.  Had she been in another group she’d had placed a lot higher, 2nd or third.  As it was she took 5th over all.  Very well done.  We are proud of her.  She finally notched a 9 on the Beam.  So she’s notched 9’s on everything at least once.  She had a rocking bar, beam and vault.  Her floor routine was good too but the judges were a little off.  She still scored well.

As it sits now Molly is thinking of dropping out of the USAG and going into the recreational ranks.  CRT team I think.  They practice fewer days, do fewer and smaller meets and don’t stress as much.  Molly sure has improved and this year she’s really grown as a person.  We love what it’s done for her.  But she’s tired.  Mama Litch is retiring and she means a lot to Molly.  Molly loves gymnastics, but she likes other things too, it’s not the end all and be all in her life and I think that’s good.

She’s honest, gives it her all and she’s happy with her results.  She never looks up the podium and an frowns because she didn’t end up with better than 3rd place.  She’s never looked at a medal or ribbon and sloughed it off because it wasn’t the right color.  She’s been happy with everything she’s received.

She’s a winner no matter what.

The state meet was held in Celina, OH, across from Grand Lake St. Marys.  Which: “Was originally constructed as a feeder reservoir for the Miami-Erie Canal, Grand Lake St. Marys was for many years recognized as the largest man-made reservoir in the world.???  Read more about that here.

I thought it was the largest man made lake, or at least it was at one time.

My dad and I took this opportunity to ride to the event.  It was a beautiful day, a tad windy but still we had a good time.  Maggie rode with me for the trip.  She’s a trouper she made it both ways without a complaint.  She was born to ride.  All in all we did about 210 miles.  1/5th an Iron Butt.  Come to think of it.  I wonder what the youngest official Iron Butt pillion is. Hrms…

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