Barns, fence and more, oh my

Well, we seem to be making progress.

We finally got to sit down with them and get our first wave at pricing for the 24×30 barn. It was about what we expected. We made some changes to the design which took another couple days.
We changed the sliders to a single door to use less hardware and get two of them so we can drive through. We also opted to go bigger and go with sissor trusses for more head room.

This pricing was also very good. We’re now in the final stages which includes final drawings and pricing for a couple of installation options. Hopefully finding some guys that need work (perhaps from AK Steel since they don’t have a lot to do).

I’m not sure how much of this I want to do myself. I know I don’t want to level the ground or set the initial poles. I want someone that knows what they are doing for that. Maybe Uncle Mike.

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