Everything Update

The Lady Eagles put forth a convincing win last night against Loveland at SportsPlus. They are really starting to come together. There are still quite a few break downs but overall they are starting to put more and more plays together and starting to pass the ball around more.

Maggie is improving with every game. It really is amazing. She went from defensive pylon to a pushing, shoving, don’t mess with me little defender. Just in the last two games you could tell that she’s gotten a feel for how other players defend her and she’s starting to to give it right back to them. She’s no longer passive and it’s fun to watch. She’s standing her ground.

Molly had a private lesson on beam after gymnastics tonight. She worked hard on her leap and a few other things. She’s getting more and more confident. She has some deal worked out with Ms. Sharon and is looking forward to the meet this weekend.

Michael is doing well on guitar of course and is wanting me to start taking lessons with him now that his teacher has moved his studio to his house. I’m not sure if I want to do that or not. I don’t know if I have the bandwidth to pick it up again.

Maria has been making great progress growing up lately. We’re trying to get her past the terrible three’s that have kind of hung with her through age 5. Not that she’s terrible, I don’t mean it like that. She’s just head strong and gonna do what she wants to do, when she wants to do it, how she wants to do it. Claudine has been working with her lately on the importance of listening and doing what you’re told the first time and dog-on-it, there are consequences and they are harsh and they happen now. You’re making choices and the wrong ones aren’t good ones. So far she’s opening up to how easy life is with good choices. But she’s also admitted it’s not easy to make those choices. It’s just not always easy being good. 🙂 and it certainly isn’t always as fun.

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