Another Bengals Season Is Over.

I’m not a big “What if” kinda of person, and I don’t like to second guess.  The Bengals got it handed to them today by Pittsburgh.  Sure Carson got hurt on the second play of the game and that didn’t help.  The ‘D’ surprisingly stopped the run better than anyone expected at least for the first half.

Kitna actually played better than anyone thought he could.  He gave us hope.  But the D couldn’t keep it close enough for him to win.  It wasn’t meant to be.

The Bengals made it to the playoffs and I suppose that should be good enough.  Would the results have been different had Carson been able to play the entire game?  I don’t know.  Closer probably, but I don’t know.  It’s not really worth debating really. It is what it is.  We now have a winning team and next year to look forward to.

At least we weren’t shut out like NY 😉 and scored more points than the Jags.

That’s all very positive.  We just need a few key players on D and perhaps a better backup.

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