Construction Update

We have a new roof.

Our roofing contractor who is also doing gutters and fixing the eve’s has completed phase one.  The roof on the upper part of the house.  This included installing two new fancy sky-lights.  One that opens (cranks open, and has a screen), yet we can pop it open and continue to use it for roof access.  This should be much better than the home made sky light that’s been in the roof for who knows how long.

I should have taken before and after photos but I didn’t.

We were a little frustrated at first, we were clear that we wanted ‘English speaking folk’ working on the house.  We’re not prejudice, we don’t care about their nationality, or what color they are.  They can be pink, purple or blue.  Heck they could be midgets for all I care.  But what’s important is that they are able to communicate with us when they are here working on our home.

The crew that showed up didn’t look very American, but we’re assured they are employees and do in fact speak English, they just don’t like you to know they speak English.  Go figure. We recommended this flat roofing company in London.

The job is done, I haven’t climbed up there yet to inspect.  They still have to come back and do the eve’s and gutter work and we’re still on schedule for new doors and windows in the attic.

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