The Bengals 0-2 in the last 2 Grrrr.

The Bengals have had a hell of a year, a hell of a run to get into the playoff for sure.

It was very clear last week when Buffalo came to town. They were 14 point underdogs to the Bengals with no chance of making the playoffs.

But they came to play, and play they did. No only did the upset the Bengals but the pretty much embarrassed them at home. Even though the Bengals played poorly, and poorly is probably an understatement, at no time during that game did I feel like the Bengals were out of it. Even when Buffalo gave them the ball back with a minute plus on the clock and no time outs. I thought, no big deal, drive down the field, field goal to tie it up, over-time and we win there.

But nope, a costly un-Carson like interception and ti was game over.

Fast forward to this week at Arrowhead. It’s hard enough to win there.


The Chiefs need a miracle from Detroit to get in. Detroit to beat Pittsburgh, like that’s going to happen. We blew a chance at the 2nd seed last week, but a win here today going into the playoffs sets the tone in my mind. a 30-3 route by the Chiefs sends a message too and it’s not a good one. I don’t care that Carson only played one series.
The way things are looking we play Pittsburgh at home next week. Pittsburgh doesn’t scare me anymore than any other team in the playoffs. Any more than the Chiefs scared me today. But look at what the Chiefs accomplished.

I fear the Bengals played above their true potential this year, or that they rested on their record the last two games. Neither of which is good.

I’m stoked we have a 11-5 record, but so does Pittsburgh.

New England finishes up at 10-6, both teams have better defenses against the run, and you win games by running the ball in the playoffs.

Pittsburgh goes into the playoffs on a 4 game win streak, the Bengals on a 2 game losing streak, this weeks a complete beating at the hands of the Chiefs.

It will be very interesting to see if Marvin will have the men ready for this game. It has a lot of the same feeling as the first time Pittsburgh came to town. That was a big game at home.  I certainly hope the outcome is better.

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