The Final Christmas Get together

The Dishers and the Lumans at the Dishers.

Once again we returned to my parents to have dinner and exchange gifts with my dads side of the family.

My grandpa and grandma ‘butchie’ as they are reffered to, because my grandpa always called me ‘butchie’ when I was little.

My uncle Mike and aunt Karen, cousin Jeremey and his wife Glenda and son Ivan. My other cousin Jeff and his ficticious wife ‘Amanda’ is it? Didn’t come, something about the stomach flu or something. I still haven’t met this wife of his.

Glenda is pregnant so Ivan’s getting a brother in the summer.

Robin and Ken were there with Emery and Sofia as well.

Again good food, good beer, good times. Lots of gifts. Ivan got a sword, what more does a boy need? 🙂

Photos are in the gallery:

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Michael is taller than Jeremey now, but so are most people 😉

Aunt Karen and Uncle Mike are looking good, as are Grandma and Granpad Butchie.

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