What a busy day…

Quite a few updates in the Gallery

The morning started off with Maggies first basketball game. A few snapshots of which are in the gallery:

Her team only had 5 show up which wasn’t good, and they didn’t have real refs. They scored the first 6 points in the game. Then took a slight beating. It was very chaotic. One of the refs was the son of the opposing teams coach because the refs didn’t show. They didn’t have whistles, nor did they call a good game. It was madness. Not good for Maggies first game. But she played well considering.

We look forward to the next game.

After that we had Molly’s first Gymnastics meet, er rather a Mock Meet. To get us newbie gymnastics parents ready for all the excitement that is gymnastics and to get the newer girls ready for what a meet is like. We had real judges and the ran it like a meet. We had a Q&A session with the judges, etc, etc.

Photos of Molly’s first outing are also in the Gallery. One thing is clear: I need a faster lens 🙂

I took quite a few photos of other girls in Molly’s rotation and I’ll post them too for the parents at a later date.

Note: I know the photo gallery can be sloooow at times. The dishers.com server is dealing with a lot of stuff. Dealing with large photos is processor intensive and the server is an ancient 1ghz Athalon.

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