Turtles – Red Ear Sliders to be exact.

Nice, what a wonderful idea this was, and my wife is reminding me that it was my idea. Someone at gymnastics had posted a flyer about three free turtles complete with aquariums 20 gallons each. I asked Molly about it because Michael has a fish tank already and the girls have wanted one for a while. Molly and I talked about it but it was late in the day and there are 1.2 million gymast at CGA so I figured they were probably gone.

The next day Michael found the flyer and called, of course the weren’t gone. He adopted 3 turtles. Nice. So we had to explain to him that the girls get at least two for their room.

So we think we know what we should know about aquatic turtles, and attempt to set up the habitat. Apparently we don’t know squat. The tanks are 10 gallon not 20 and are too small for even the smallest turtle we have.

It’s nice that there are sites like Red Ear Slider.

Now we’re on the quest to build the perfect or as near perfect little habitat as our budget will allow. More updates later.

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