Wow Bengals are 6-2 :)

Wow, the Bengals are 6-2.

Let’s keep things in perspective. The teams the Bengals have beaten have a combined record of: 12 -31. Except for the Bears, who are now 4-3, everyone else is 2-5 or worse. (Yikes)

So the Bengals can keep it together and beat the the really downtrodden, something that was not always possible in the past.

But what they used to be able to do, was get up for big games, and surprise you. Remember undefeated Kansas City? Part of that I’m sure was other teams taking Cincy for granted which they simply no longer do.

But Sunday’s game against Green Bay. Lordy, 5 turn overs. That’s amazing. Erich at work predicted Bret would throw 4 interceptions.

But that’s the problem. They had taken the ball away 4 times and had scored 0 points off of those turn overs. After four picks, Green Bay was still in it. With minutes to play in the 3rd quarter you could feel that Green Bay was going to pull this out, or that the Bengals, in typical Bengal fashion was going to throw it away.

Thankfully the Defense pulled yet another rabbit out of the hat for the 5th turnover of the day, of which we converted.

Still, Bret, brought them back. Yeah, this is the NFL and any team on any Sunday, yadda, yadda. But you know what. Pittsburg doesn’t say that. They say, come to our house and we’ll kick the livin snot out of you, and they usually do.

Giving the Bengals their due; they didn’t fold. They kept their poise. Chris Perry is the man, he’s a thinking back, he stayed in bounds and kept the clock running unlike a wide reciever who blew an opportunity to add 3 points at the end of the half.

Marvins got the boys moving. They should make short work of Baltimore, they should make a statement and beat them by 21 or more. Again the Bengals didn’t cover the spread against Green Bay. They should whoop the Ravins and get prepared for Indy.

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