Soccer Report for 10/29 The Cheeto’s

Today was also Maria’s last game.

The Cheeto’s finished their season undefeated I think. Might have lost one, and tied a couple.

Todays game didn’t start out so well, but they battled back in the end to tie the game 1-1 and had all the momentum as the remaining minutes wound off the clock. It’s the candy league and they don’t _really_ keep score, allthough you know every parent on the sideline is 🙂

Coach Rick and Coach Mike were excellent with the kids. My hat is off to them. They handled them all with kid gloves, were always positive and keeping them moving in the right direction. You guys rock!

Maria had a blast, and if she doesn’t end up in Gymnastics will play again next year I’m sure.

Thanks for making her season so much fun.

Photos from the last game are in the gallery here

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