Is it snowing in Hell?

The Bengals, yes, the Cincinnati Bengals are 3-0. No, not Thirty, but 3-0. Three Wins, and Zero losses. Unbelievable.

Granted, the beat Cleveland, any high school team can do that. They beat Minnesota, which as it turns out isn’t really very good, and now the Bears, who’s offense is extremely suspect, but has a pretty good defense. Even so, it’s the Bengals we’re talking about here, and I even watched half the game. With my wife in a sports bar! Hows that for hell freezing over? In 16 years of marriage, that’s never happened. Pinch me see if I’m dreaming.

And to top it all off I was finally allowed to replace my decrepit old office chair.

What a bargain:

I’ve been looking at this at Costco for about 8 months now and today was my lucky day. This baby is leather, real leather, and comfy too.

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