Soccer Update for 9/24

The A.M. Game pitted the Red Cheeto’s against Green Team in the Candy league. (I think they are the Cheetah’s but Maria says no they are the Cheeto’s like the cheesy curls.

The game was hard fought with many close calls. Back and forth, back and forth, many wrong way plays, but ended in a 0-0 tie.

The afternoon game featured the Lime Green Machine, now 0-2-1, playing Camden, who we believe is undefeated and it showed. They scored off the bat in less than 30 seconds. It started very similarly to last weeks game. The Green Machine battled back but to no avail. Maggie played well. The goalie wasn’t feeling well and had to be relieved, so again they had no subs which really hurt them. Camden is a bunch of small wirey girls that are fast and know how to throw the body around. End result was 7-1 I think.

Maggie did well, again this is her first year playing. It looks like coach Alice finally has some coaching help and things are starting to improve.

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