Solomon Wickey

Solomon Wickey

My wife and I and a couple friends of ours went to see Solomon this morning. My wife had been to see him a couple times before.

If you don’t know who Solomon is, you could start by taking a look at this book that was written about him: Solomon’s Touch.

I had been looking forward to this trip to meet Mr. Wickey since my wife had gone to visit him and today was my opportunity. We drove up yesterday (Sunday) and spent the night in Auburn, IN.

Visiting Mr. Wickey is the one place in life it doesn’t pay to be early. You need to be right on-time. 6:05am is a good time.

We had emailed a couple weeks prior according to the instructions. We made darn sure we weren’t early. I can appreciate not wanting people lining up at my driveway while I’m waking up and getting ready to do my days work. Heck I can barely stand it when people turn around in my driveway.

Anyway, I personally haven’t been a big fan of alternative medicine. My family, specifically my mother’s side has always embraced herbs, and natural remedies. I don’t really have a problem with those. I know for a fact that aloe works, break open a plant and put it on a cut or a burn and good things happen. However, there have been other herbal remedies I’ve used or tried in the past that haven’t been so helpful. But hey, not everything works for everyone all the time right? Some people (me thankfully) don’t get poison ivy by simply touching it, others like my cousins only have to look at it and they are done.

Quite possibly my worst ever experience with a “holistic or alternative??? healer was a local homeopathic MD. Anyway, I used to suffer from hives at various times for no apparent reason. When I’d get them I’d get them bad. On my hands and feet, neck, head, and waist, I could barely walk and it, well, it wasn’t pleasant. Normally when this happens, I rush to the family DR. and get cortisone shot to clear it up. Benadryl, well I’m pretty much immune to that stuff now.

Anyway to cut to the chase, I started to get hives (yes, if you get them you know what I’m talking about, you feel it, a few hours before they show up the area will start to itch and burn) and went to this alternative medicine guy. He asks me if I’m ready to get rid of them for good. “Well heck yeah, don’t just stand there, give me the potion???. He gives me something to put under my tongue. I then over the next couple hours proceeded to get the worst case of hives in my entire life. I mean, I almost volunteered to be put down. It didn’t take long to get back to the cortisone again. Now days I just don’t get them anymore, or it’s very rare, when I do it’s clearly a reaction to something. Usually a medication I’ve taken. But that’s not what this post is about.

Circling back to today and my visit with Dr. Wickey…

When you arrive, even at 6:05pm, be reasonable as you wait for things to get started. People aren’t awake yet. Even is Mr. Wickey is, he’s probably having breakfast. Have some sense. Don’t yell in the parking lot. Heck some of us visitors aren’t even fully awake yet.

Oh, and do go to the bathroom before you head out. They have facilities there, but just trust me on this.

Dave (the bouncer guy) who volunteers his time to organize the chaos will, as is reported else where, will put you at the end of the line if you get there early or cause a ruckus. You know, you’ve traveled this far, why go and mess it up?

When you arrive, your name will be put on a list, or if you’re smart enough to email ahead, you’ll be on the list already so there is no rush to be early. If you’re not smart enough to not go early, well you’ll get in when you deserve to get in.

When the office opens names are called in the order that they appear on the list. This isn’t necessarily the order you showed up, again, no need to race there.

Mr. Wickey’s office is very modest but clean. Neat actually, heated and lit by gas lights. (he is Amish after all). When you get to see him you’ll get as much time with him as you need. Have a list ready. Write down what you want to discuss with him or have him look at you, or in you for and heal you of.

It’s really that simple. You sit down in a chair across from him and he does his thing.

Mr. Wickey doesn’t charge for his services. He may recommend herbal remedies or treatments, and you can and probably should buy them from him. My wife has ordered and bought plenty of “wholesale’ herbs and spices over the internet and in bulk and even she couldn’t believe the prices.

Now, for every article on the Internet that says iridology is bogus, there’s one that says it’s not. I’ve read the article “Confessions of a Former Iridologist???. I’ve seen and used herbs that work; I’ve seen and used herbs that didn’t.

The thing is this, Mr. Wickey has a gift. I’ve now seen it. There are fewer more skeptical people on this planet than myself. Now what does that mean? Nothing really if you want to be sure, you need to go yourself.

He has healed family members, and in the near future I hope to be able to further testify to his gift.

Is Solomon Wickey a joke? Nope. Is he a scam? Nope. It costs you nothing to see him. If you want an appointment you’ll have to wait months, like 6 months, or visit on a walk in day like we did.

He does this because it’s his calling. What more can I say?

You can read more about Solomon Wickey and what others have to say by visiting here.

[UPDATE] This blog article was written by me 6 years ago.  I have had no further or significant contact with either Mr. Wickey or David, the gentleman who essentially fills in for him.  This page is very popular so I’ve left it up.  It is not sponsored by, or affiliated with Solomon in any way other than my experience with him in 2006.

Nope, I can’t help you get in touch with him.  Nope, I can’t get you an appointment.   I don’t have an email address for him, though you should be able to find David’s in the comments somewhere.   Start with him.   So basically, “It is what it is”.  I neither recommend nor discourage seeing Solomon.  He’s obviously helped a lot of people, others, not so much.   I leave that for you to decide.   -Thanks.

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