Ahh the first grass cutting of the year…

Well it was about time. The area around the house that the dogs keep fertilized was darn near knee high. Honestly though with all the rain and our schedule. Tonight was the first night I had opportunity to get on a lawnmower.




But we Got-r-Dun. Well about 80% of it anyway, at least the part that counts. But I did mow the field where the barn’s gonna go. Michael had 4 teeth pulled today so he sat this one out.

The only new problem we have is Moles.

We are being over-run with moles. I need a sure-fire solution to trap those little $@@%#’s. We have a barn cat but it’s about as usless as Monty it appears. We have more mole runs and squishy turn than ever before.

I guess, I could just consider them pets, and not have to worry about them anymore.

But I just don’t like sinking in my yard when I walk.

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