Blade 350QX Transplant, It Lives, and Flies!

Blade 350QX

So a little while back I picked up a Blade 350QX, which is a ‘retail’, shade above ‘toy grade’ drone, or multi-rotor.   Out of the box this thing is pretty sweet for what it is.  Basically, it’s an out of the box, get you in the air and flying quad rotor, VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) device (or Drone).   Though drone is such a nasty word at the moment.

I’m not going to review it here, there are plenty of reviews on the net.  If you’re interested just search.

Basically, out of the box the blade 350qz has 3 modes.

GREEN Mode, or ‘Simple’, which means it’s really easy to fly, maximum flight controller assistance, in fact you don’t even have to worry about orientation. (aka Beginner mode)

BLUE Mode, or ‘Stabilized’, which keeps it level if you let off the sticks but you still have to ‘fly it’ (aka medium mode).   If you pitch it 45 degrees, and left off the flight controller will bring it back level.

RED mode, or  ‘Acro’ short for acrobatic mode, which means you really have to fly it, keep it level, etc.  This is advanced or  pro mode, in this mode you can do flips, you can get this thing upside-down, which if you’re not ready for that, well it’s gonna crash.   In this mode if you pitch it 45 degrees and left off the stick it will still be at 45 degrees and likely falling out of the sky unless you counteract that pitch.

It has 3-axis stabilization in stabilized mode, gps assist in simple mode, no assistance in Expert mode.

If I’m not reviewing it why am I telling you all of this?  Here’s why.

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