Bengals 4-2 after unimpressive victory over Panthers

But hey, a win is a win, and Chad got his plays in.

The Bengals skated by 17 – 14. They again came out strong, going 3 and out on their first 4 possessions and looked horrible in the first half. Amah Brooks is for real. He’s a monster, no doubt about it. As he settles in he’s certainly going to be a force.

The anemic offense did march down the field with some help from the Jaguars and the men in stripes, and they did make a few key plays when the needed to.

I really wish they didn’t leave us hanging the first half of every game.

Giving credit where credit is due, the defense played pretty well, as did dare I say it, Rudy.

Given the points the Atlanta put up today against the Stealers, next week should be a shoot out. I haven’t yet read what knocked Big Jen out of the game.

But I’m still concerned for our offense, more so than the defense.


But Chad’s catch on 4th down, well, that’s the Bengals I’m looking for.

Bengals get B*tch-Slapped by the Patriots 38-13 are now 3-1

Perhaps the Thurman and Henry issues on the team are bigger than anyone would like to think.

The look on Chad Johnsons’s face says it all:


It was horrible. The Bengals _stole_ a win in Pittsburgh last week and I think they took that for granted. Again the offense sputtered. Both initial drives should have resulted in 14 points and only ended up as 6. It was down hill from there.

The D? What D? The improved run stopping D that gave up 200+ yards on the ground? Man did it look bad. They need a real safety, and Big Nate, didn’t seem to help much today. They ran right by him like short bus passes the regular kids.

I must say I wasn’t fully expecting a win today. But I didn’t expect the Bengals to get blown out. Nope. I thought Chad would have a big day or if he didn’t Kelly Washington would because nobody can cover all 3 of our receivers.

I don’t know if Brooks played today other than special teams, but now that Thurman is out for the year and unlikely to be back as a Bengal that monster needs to see some play time.

Tory James got burned yet again, he is really starting to remind me of Rod ‘Toast’ Jones. I think that might be 3 weeks in a road he’s been beat bad for touchdowns.

C’mon Marvin get control down there. What happened to “Do Your Job?’

Teams that are doing their job don’t get blown out like that.