Saturday Steel May 12th. (Open Gun Update)

First and foremost Maria shot her first match.

She shot the Ruger 22/45 in the Rimfire category and beat some folks!  (9 folks to be exact!)

She’d only shot it previously at our range just a couple of times.

We’re proud of her.


I also shot my new ‘Precious’ G17 Open Gun in Unlimited.   It was it’s first outing.  I was a bit tentative.  The only rounds through it previously were the 80 or so I ran through it to get a load that would cycle it.

I wasn’t that far off the pace set by Jeff so I was pleased.

I followed that up with a DNF at the GSSF meet in Dayton.   (Don’t be like me, case check your ammo people).   I had a bad round that jammed up the gun good, real good.  Had I properly case checked them all I could have avoided that. I didn’t have the tools to unjam it at the match so I had to take a DNF.

Lesson learned.

Soccer Season

Soccer starts now, end of July. It’s 93 degrees and humid. Woohoo.

This is a wordpress iPhone test.  Which wouldn’t post until I got home on the wifi…  Grr…


Thompson Clan Christmas 2006

As usual, food was plentiful and nobody went hungry.

Santa made his appearance, (later than planned) but that was OK. I don’t care who you are, you’re never to old for Santa 😉

Kris won the Euchre tournament, and also our one game of Texas Holdem. However, Maggie came in second, and in the money 😉 defeating her brother, mother and father in the process.

Lots of fun was had. Photos are posted in the Dishers Gallery on Google [Click Here]

Maybe next year we can get the whole clan together again.

Kudos to Claudine for all the baking, Angie the ham was delicious and so where the hankypanks.

Maria’s first Meet (CRT Level 3) @ TWIGS

Maria competed in her first meet today in Dayton/West Carrollton, Ohio at TWIGS.

DSC 5137cropped

As meets go, it was definitely the smallest we’ve ever been too. TWIGS does have a very nice facility. However they don’t have any level 3’s so we took our troop up there to compete against themselves. TWIGS had gymnasts in other levels, just not level 3, and I think we (CGA) brought 50 girls? (Doesn’t really make sense too me, in all my life playing sports, we never traveled somewhere to have our own team play themselves)

I think there should be a rule; if at least one other team in our level isn’t there, we don’t need to go, just send us the ribbons.

Any way, photos are in the Google Gallery. Same thing if you need/want a photo that’s more high-res than what is up there let me or C know.