WordPress and Gallery Integration.

WordPress and Gallery Integration.

You’d think I was trying to put a man on the moon. What should be a simple task of searching for a simple plug in, installing it and using it would be what, a 20 minute job at best?


Word press is great. Really nice web/blogging software. Dave (stacys.org) is using the same package. He’s also using a plug-in called exhibit.

Simple, install it, activate it and viola’. It appears to work, sort of, but you can’t attach pictures. At least not here. So I spent about an hour moving my blog from \blog to the root just in case that was messing it up. No luck.

I shouldn’t have to fix someone else’s PHP, stuff like this should be plug and play.

So I go digging and find Gallery. What an awesome package! I do a quick search, there seems to be about a half dozen plug-ins for it. Great.

I spend about an hour setting it up, loading up a few photos. Then grab a plug in or two for testing. Well #!#$# none of them are updated for Gallery 2.0 which stores the thumbnails in the database. This is dumb.

Don’t do that, or give me an option to turn it off. I don’t want all that binary thumbnail data in my database. I don’t want or need to put the burden of that on MySQL. What are these people thinking?

MOST home users, most home hacks, and tech weenies are going to use what ever left over hardware we have laying around to put our servers together for stuff like this. For our family websites. Not everyone will have high end hardware to serv up a bazillion binary images out of our MySQL databases.

Dudes, stop.

Oh, and I still don’t have easy, post a photo while blogging integration.

Maria is happy.

When I got back from the trip I was unpacking my bike, and was finishing off a left over Gatorade from the ride. Maria picked it up and asked if she could drink the rest. I said no.

Maria is 5

The following conversation happened:
Maria: Why not? Does it have sugar?
Dad: Yes, and I’d still like to finish my drink.
Maria: You shouldn’t drink that, sugar is bad for your body.
at which point she picks it up and heads towards the trash cans
Dad: Maria, bring that back, let’s go in.
Maria: OK, I’m very happy about something.
Dad: What’s that? Are you happy I’m home?
Maria: No. women, live longer than men.
Dad: OK, that’s good to know, why does that make you happy?
Maria: Cause you’re gonna die first.

Whew, I’m Tired

This weekend I completed the Lower Lakes Iron Butt Ride with my father (LastInLine), Tony T and Basco. We traveled around the lakes (Erie and Ontario) in an unprecedented figure-8 pattern. Why? Why not? It’s what we do…

If your not familiar with Iron Butt Endurance riding visit here: Iron Butt Association

You can also read about my Lake Michigan 1000 ride last year here.

More Details to follow, I’m tired and this site isn’t setup correctly for me to post photos yet.