More Hex Gimbal Footage

Last weekend was a good multi-rotor weekend.  Got to fly my high-performance quad a few times without incident.  Also flew my Franken-QX350 a bunch.  Each of the kids got a turn too.   All without incident.

Finally got spend some time getting the hex to fly right.  It would fly great in stabilized mode but loiter was broken, and if loiter is broken, none of the autonomous flight modes are available.  Well, they are available but you’ll just crash so it was in my best interest to get that fixed.    Turns out, somewhere along the way my compass orientation flag had changed form 8 which is roll-180, to 10, which is roll-180 yaw 90.   Honestly the way things are mounted I think they should be roll 180 yaw 270, but since it works just rolled, I’m leaving it that way.

For what it’s worth, my APM is mounted like this.


After a handful of manual flights and confident that loiter was fixed, I launched it a few times and flew it using droid planner.  Guiding it to fly here, then over there, and then over there.

Still have some Video Jello-issues to work out.   Looks/feels like electrical interference from something, likely with the Gimbal.

Super long video for my own amusement.

More DJI Hex, Gimbal enabled footage. Still working out some bugs.

First F550 Gimbal enabled flights

Today I had an opportunity to pop outside, fly and document the snow.   This was the first opportunity I had to fly with the Gimbal that was mounted for the Go Pro in the previous blog post.   The Beholder-Lite gimbal.

It seems I never have a completely uneventful flight though.  While this one doesn’t contain any crashes, the gyro calibration was off and it wouldn’t position hold at all.   Loiter was completely broken, so the majority of the video was flow in stability mode.  With the ~12-14 mile per hour winds and the fact that it didn’t really know what level was, it got real interesting when I lost orientation.   Thankfully, no broken parts.

I’m mostly happy with the video, it was super bright, sun was out and obviously the snow just amplifies that which alone can cause some Jell-O effect.  But the gimbal isn’t tuned 100% right either.  I’ll work on that in the future.    Also need to balance my blades.

But all in all a very successful day.

DJI F550 Hex, Beholder-Lite Gimbal, v2.

The video is a bit long as it’s really two flights.  It’s HD so pop it out to full screen for the best effect.  I haven’t found a way to kill the high pitched sound from the motors/electronics in the video so I just kill the sound.  Just hum your favorite tune while you watch this.  Smile



Multirotors and Trees Oh My.

Having already smashed my Blade QX350 you’d a thought I’d be a little more careful.  But no.  On Matthew’s 6th birthday I thought I’d take the Hex out for a spin and document the White Death that had come down upon us the previous day.   If it’s going to be cold, might as well have snow.

So I strapped the legacy Contour HD camera to the Hex and took it out for a spin.

photo 1

Changes since the most recent flight included, the landing gear, and the weight of the camera.   Should have probably re-tuned it but I didn’t.

The plan was simple.   Start it up in the driveway, and execute an Auto-Flight that would circle the property filming the spectacular views.   Best laid plans.

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We took some photos of Maggie on Saturday.   Sort of Senior photos phase 1.

She’s all grown up and stuff.



Just a photo update.

It’s been a while but Easter always brings forth a photo opportunity.  Some photos from before Easter.

Most are here, along with other misc photos.

Here are the highlights.


Matthew, always a HAM, I’m fairly certain he didn’t realize he was playing with the “spoon of Justice”.

The Easter Bunny brought him a red Cowboy hat:


and we did some posing in his new outfit:

DSC_0747[1] DSC_0769[1]

DSC_0755[1] DSC_0772[1]

You talkin to me?


And the Easter egg hunt is on!


Molly and Robin, nope, no resemblance what-so-ever




Mother and Daughter


It actually stopped raining long enough to have an egg hunt


Evaluating the score: