Kudos to Raven Concealment Systems

Last fall at the Steel Challenge Indy State meet, we won a couple of gift certificates for Raven Concealment holsters.

At first I thought, yeah, uhm, well OK.   Just what I need another holster.   I need that like I need another hole in my head.   Years ago when we took our CCW class the instructor said, “There are 8 million holster possibilities, and you’ll probably go through, on average 8 per gun, until you find one you like.”.   Yeah, sure what ever.   Turns out that’s not all that far from the truth.

Let’s see for the Glock that I normally carry, I have:

  • A custom leather inside the waist band holster from a local firm.
  • Multiple paddle holsters from various manufacturers for IDPA and what not.
  • Even the Cheapie Glock $14 Duty holster, which for on the belt use is the best value out there hands down.
  • And of course a Cross Breed super-tuck, which I initially hated, but it grew on me and I now find it very comfortable.
  • Plus various other IWB holsters of ebay.  You do get what you pay for.

So when we got these gift certificates I thought great, just what I need.   Then I looked at their website.  $80 for a kydex holster, are you kidding me?  That thing is HUGE and ugly.

And it is:


On top of that there’s an 18 week wait?  You can’t be serious with this real lenders here.

So we looked at how we’d best spend our award.   Ordered a holster for the G19/G26.  One for the P238 and one for the LCP. 

We received them Saturday and I’ve worn it for two days.   Wow.  It hugs close, and is super comfortable.  Easy to draw and re-holster.     I hate to say it, but it’s worth the money and worth the wait.

Well done Raven, well done.

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