Happy Birthday to me…

I’m lucky… 

Claudine originally planned to buy me a nice used Kimber Ultra Carry II.  We went and looked at it Wednesday afternoon, but it was a little too used to suit me.  The Barrel showed a lot of wear and it had a few scratches on the trigger guard that I just wasn’t excited about.  It just didn’t say buy me, you’ll love me.


Plan B was this Sig P238 SAS that I’d had my eye on.


Yeah, it shoots as good as it looks for a small gun. It’s got night sights, and had been ‘radically dehorned’, meaning all the rough edges have been smoothed for snag free carry.  It needs a little attention.  I already polished the feed ramp, but I think it needs a heavier recoil spring, and maybe a magazine swap from Sig.

So yeah, my wife bought me a gun for my birthday, how cool is that?  I know you’re jealous.  (Actually it turns out she might have bought herself a gun for my birthday, she likes it that much).

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