My Glock 19 and it’s new 3.1 lb Trigger

So last summer I had a semi-successful time shooting steel.   More importantly I had a boat load of fun and look forward to doing more of it this year.  During the couple weeks that I played at Friday Night Steel, I met a guy who slicked up my Ruger 22/45 so it would drop magazines, and who offered to slick up my Glock 19.

So last week I took him up on the offer.   He told me to order up the Ghost 3.5lb connector, and not to order any springs because he had them.

The only previous modifications made to this Glock were:  The front high-viz site, and the extended magazine release.   Other than that all internals were bone stock.  This particular Glock has about 3500-4000 rounds through it, possibly more.

Before we got started we measured the trigger pull with the gauge, and we consistently measured it at 8.5lbs.

(Note: the actual procedure took place last Sunday but tonight the Titanium trigger safety plunger arrived today so I’m installing that and taking photos.)

I had cleaned it well before he showed up and this is what we did:

My Baby:


First and foremost we made sure it was unloaded (duh)


Removed the slide and disassembled it.


The Red arrow points to the shinny new Titanium Trigger Safety Plunger. ($17.00).

We did replace the Striker spring from the factory 8lb spring to I believe a 6lb spring.

Other than that everything else in the slide stayed stock.



We also polished the bottom of my barrel, and the top mating surface of the locking block.  We didn’t change any angles or remove any edges, just a light polish.


We installed the new Ghost Trigger Connector 3.5lb $12.95.   And polished (lightly) the radius on the trigger bar.   Again we did not change the shape of the trigger bar in any way.


We polished the back and top of the trigger connector, and replaced the trigger spring, with a lighter spring, not much lighter though.  


Just another shot with arrows showing the surfaces we polished.  AKA the $0.25 trigger job.

So with $12.95 in parts, after re-assembly the trigger tested consistently at 3.1lbs.   I can’t wait to go shoot it!

Thanks again to my buddy who shall remain nameless, but honestly he gets all the credit.   I know if you’re a Glock guy none of this is new or rocket science.

We just polished metal on metal parts, and replaced the connector with a lighter one, but I was amazed that we dropped 5.4 lbs off the trigger just by doing that.  The difference between this G19 and my G26 which is still stock is amazing.

I’m saving up for the Titanium Striker, but I want to see a difference with the changes we made and hope that we haven’t affected reliability.   My buddy doesn’t expect that we did.   Having watched him smoke the steel with a similarly slicked up Glock I’m really looking forward to the results.

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